Countryman E6 Omnidirectional Earset for AKG Speaking, Tan, (Open Box) - 1mm yvkxcm1156-Microphones , Wireless Systems

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Countryman E6 Omnidirectional Earset for AKG Speaking, Tan, (Open Box) - 1mm yvkxcm1156-Microphones , Wireless Systems

Before starting at the University of Washington, a former coworker once asked if I was going to be taking classes on how to sew and thread a needle in my […]

Countryman E6 Omnidirectional Earset for AKG - Speaking, Tan, 1mm (Open Box)

For MLIS students hoping to gain full-time employment in the LIS field after graduation, work experience – whether through a job, internship, or volunteer position – is necessary to stand out from other applicantsSafco Home Office 48 - Furniture (safco). Yet while we are told repeatedly by professors and professionals to complete an internship or another work experience during grad school, there is little discussion about what to look for in an internship, how to evaluate worksites, and how to handle poor treatment during the internship.

According to the Society for Human Resource Management (2017), over one-third of organizations have disqualified a job candidate because they had “concerning information” present on their social media profile or […]

No amount of coursework can prepare you for the experiences you will have as a children’s librarian. In one week you might make mermaid slime, wear a giant inflatable dinosaur […]New GBC Swingline 5mil UltraClear Letter Size Speed Thermal Pouches - 100pk

DELL MODEL 1220 DLP FRONT PROJECTOR CN-07WWK1-S0081-4CI-0596 REV A02 JZ2TF22It is important that children are introduced to books at preschool age. This is the period when the little ones best absorb the information and skills taught to them. Books […]

For those currently in library school, you have seen firsthand how social justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion make sudden, relevant appearances in most LIS courses. If you need a place […]

Drexel University sometimes offers a class concurrently online and face to face. Online students like me attend asynchronously, learning through discussion boards, readings, videos, and activities. The face-to-face students meet […]

As more MLIS programs integrate tech courses and requirements into their curriculum, many MLIS students who are not tech-savvy nor have a tech background struggle in these courses. At the University of Washington, there are numerous tech courses available for students and a requirement that every student takes at least one of these courses. Thornton's Cable Tie Gun, CTG702, bluee, 1 I’ve heard stories and also personally experienced the struggles of these courses and even some of the mental breakdowns. Many students dread these courses and the long hours they often require.

Countryman E6 Omnidirectional Earset for AKG Speaking, Tan, (Open Box) - 1mm yvkxcm1156-Microphones , Wireless Systems

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If there is one thing that the average Master in Information and Library Science candidate is familiar with, it is the constant need for balance: school, work, internships, volunteering, and that is just a baseline that does not take into account added complications such as marriage, or kids.

My first experience with an online class was British Literature my sophomore year. I began the semester excited about the flexibility an online class provides and the idea that I could be “in class” in my pajamas at home. Portable Replacement & Easy to Install Broan Wall Attic Fan MotorI mean, who wouldn’t love that?

When you’re caught up in the minutiae of graduate school, remember the big picture. That’s the most critical lesson I learned during my first year of library school. For me, […]

I am one semester into my Master of Library Science program and while my area of major interest (currently health librarianship!) has shifted and morphed over the past five months, […]

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